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Greater Grace Resources

Are you looking for tools to help you on your Christian journey? Well you've come to the right place! Our resources were created with Spiritual growth in mind. We offer spirit-lifting devotionals from our Pastor as well as a daily reading to keep you chasing after God.

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Need an inspiring Word between Sundays? Check out these inspiring devotionals written by our very own, Pastor Rodney C. Griffin, Jr. and get a midweek fill-up! For even more words of encouragement, subscribe to our Word of Grace monthly newsletter.

The Pieces Are Coming Together

Has God ever said "no" to your request? Although you may not have liked the answer, in time you probably realized His "no" was actually preparing you for something far greater. Download Pastor Griffin's devotional, The Pieces Are Coming Together, to discover the reward of seeing the full puzzle and not just the one piece.

He's Working It Out

We can't escape the burdens and hardships of lifeā€”no matter how hard we might try. So what do we do when life throws a few unexpected things our way? The truth is that if we never had any problems, we'd never know that God solve them. Download Pastor Griffin's devotional, He's Working It Out, and learn how to trust God even when you can't life.

The Sacrifice of Praise

Do you appreciate the blessings God has already provided in your life? Your lackluster appreciation could be slowing down your next blessing. No matter the circumstance, we must learn to praise God through it all. Download Pastor Griffin's devotional to discover The Sacrifice of Praise.

Move Get Out the Way

Could you be standing in the way of your blessing? So often in our lives we have a tendency to think we can handle life's challenges ourselves. God is ready to do some great things in your life but first you must step aside. Download Pastor Griffin's devotional for an inspirational word: Move and Get out the way!

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