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Dr. Rodney C. Griffin, Jr.

Electric. Dynamic. passionate.

Dr. Rodney C. Griffin, Jr. truly has a heart for ministry. And don’t let his size fool you, he delivers power packed preaching every time he steps into the pulpit. A Chicago native, Dr. Griffin began his Christian experience at an early age—rumor has it he started building his first church out of LEGO® blocks at the tender age of five. Although he didn’t always believe it, this fifth generation preacher was destined to proclaim the Gospel. His vision for ministry is simple: to bridge the younger and older generations, provide hope to those in despair, and reveal to all that we truly serve a God of another chance.

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If you ask any member of Greater Grace Church to describe their pastor, you’ll likely hear how we have the greatest pastor in this side of Heaven. Since the day Greater Grace was organized, Pastor Griffin has poured his all into the mission and mandate of his calling. And as we navigate the troubled and uncharted waters of this COVID-19 pandemic, Pastor Griffin has proven that he is an innovative and resilient leader. We are blessed to have him as our undershepherd.