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Employment Opportunities

Reports to: Senior Pastor and Minister of Music
The Worship Leader is a key member of Greater Grace Church’s leadership team responsible for overseeing the musical and worship aspects of the congregation. They are tasked with enhancing the spiritual experience of the congregation through music, leading and directing the church’s music ministry, and collaborating with the pastoral staff to create meaningful worship services in a way that is consistent with our unique approach to a bridged worship experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

● Conduct or lead rehearsals for Worship Team, choirs, worship band, and other musical groups.
● Lead vocal performances during worship services.
● Encourage and develop musical talent within the congregation.
● Work in collaboration with the band.

  • Worship Planning
  • ● Coordinate the music program with the church calendar to strengthen and enrich the emphasis and objectives of the ministry of the church.
  • ● Coordinate the performance and rehearsal schedules of musical groups.
  • ● Responsible for providing music for all major church services to include worship services, prayer services, revivals, midweek services, etc.
  • ● Assist the Senior Pastor in planning congregational worship services. The Worship Leader/Director is responsible for the selection of the music for worship services.

Worship Team
● Recruit, train, and manage volunteer Worship Team members and musicians.
● Organize and lead regular Worship Team and ensemble rehearsals.
● Ensure that the music ministry aligns with the Greater Grace culture, mission and values.

  • Pastoral Collaboration
  • ● Work closely with the pastor to integrate music seamlessly into the worship experience.
  • ● Provide input and support for the development of sermon series and special worship events.

Pastoral Care
● Provide pastoral care to members of the music ministry and congregation as needed.
● Support and encourage spiritual growth within the music ministry team.

● A deep personal faith and commitment to the church’s mission and values.
● Musical proficiency and a strong understanding of music theory.
● Experience in leading worship services and directing musical groups.
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
● Strong organizational and administrative abilities.
● Familiarity with copyright and licensing regulations related to music in a worship context.
● Willingness to work collaboratively with other members of the pastoral team and church staff.
● Must understand music from a variety of genres and generations, with particular emphasis on contemporary music (“praise and worship,” contemporary arrangements of traditional hymns and the music of the world church).

Job Type:
• Part-time

Expected hours:
• 15 – 20 per week

● Flexible schedule
● Paid time off
● Professional development assistance

● High school or equivalent (Preferred)

 Worship Leader: 3 years (Preferred)
 Leadership: 3 years (Preferred)

Work Location:
 In person

The Sound Engineer is a key member of Greater Grace Church’s Media Team and helps our efforts to extend the reach of the Gospel beyond the four walls of Greater Grace Church. 


● Perform system and equipment checks prior to service start
● Audio mixing, monitor mixing, and audio recording
● Attend all church-wide special events, meetings as needed, and worship services

Sound & Training
● Mix sound during our Sunday worship services, Wednesday Night Midweek Fill-Up, and special services/events as needed
● Mix sound during technical rehearsals with worship and media team
● Perform sound checks to troubleshoot any equipment or audio issues prior to worship 
● Ensure optimal sound on recorded footage
● Train volunteers in operating sound equipment and effective mixing

● Passionate about ministry and building God’s Kingdom
● Personal relationship with Jesus Christ, affirmation with Greater Grace’s core beliefs and principles
 Expert knowledge of Behringer X32 mixing board (preferred)
● Audio experience, preferably including mixing for online broadcasts as well as front of house
 Good team-player attitude and the ability to take constructive feedback
 Ability to think quickly and react/trouble-shoot properly in high stress situations
 Available on Sunday mornings from 9:15am–12:30pm
● Must understand music from a variety of genres and generations, with particular emphasis on contemporary music (“praise and worship,” contemporary arrangements of traditional hymns and the music of the world church).

Job Type:
• Part-time

Expected hours:
• 10 hours per week

● Flexible schedule
● Professional development assistance

● High school or equivalent (Preferred)

● Sound engineering: 3 years (Preferred)
● Leadership: 3 years (Preferred)

Work Location:
● In person

We are looking for a respectful and responsible part-time custodian to maintain the Church and its property. The external and internal appearance of a building reflects on the occupants. It is important for a custodian to be careful and thorough in working, cleaning and tidying the premises, as well as general maintenance.  Candidates must be able to work 10-15 hours per week. 


● Clean (sweep, vacuum, mop and dust), and sanitize vestibule and sanctuary (includes pulpit and choir areas), and small area behind the pool
● Check pool weekly for bugs and clean it out
● Dusts furniture and equipment.
● Clean & polish pews with wood cleaner and vacuum cushions bi-weekly
● Clean and vacuum stairwell area and fellowship hall floors/rugs clean
● Clean and disinfect floors, toilets, handles & toilet seats in the restroom facilities and replenish soap and toilet paper as needed
● Clean the Legacy hall floors bi-weekly, mop at least once a month or when needed
● Vacuum area rugs in legacy hall
● Clean and mop kitchen floor when needed
● Clean glass on main and back entry doors, inside doors and glass wall between vestibule and sanctuary
● Remove trash from all interior trash containers and take outside to dumpster
● Maintain outer premises: pick up trash and water plants if necessary
● Perform maintenance and minor repairs (replacing broken switches, fixing door handles, minor leaks, light bulb changes, etc.)
● Notifies office regarding the need for repair, report damages and oversee repairs
● Maintain cleaning supplies
● Secure facilities after operating hours by locking doors, closing windows and setting the alarm
● Clean the basement of the Administrative Office monthly

● Proven experience as custodian
● Knowledge of standard cleaning methods and procedures
● Strong communication and interpersonal skills
● Knowledge of safe disposal of chemical liquids and other hazardous components
● Familiarity with basic landscaping and handyman practices
● Attention to detail and conscientiousness
● Very good physical condition and strength; must be able to lift at least 35 lbs and climb a ladder
● Experience with using cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and cleaning solutions
● Flexibility to adjust the schedule to suit the needs of the church
● High school diploma is preferred but not required
● Must be able to pass a background check

Job Type:
●  Part-time

Expected hours:
● 10 to 15 hours per week
● Must be able to accommodate cleaning for mid-week services, Saturday events and Sunday Worship Services

Work Location:
● In person