Pastor Rodney C. Griffin, Jr. in Greater Grace Church

Pastor Rodney C. Griffin, Jr.

Electric. Dynamic. Passionate. Pastor Rodney C. Griffin, Jr. truly has a heart for ministry. And don’t let his size fool you, he delivers power packed preaching every time he steps into the pulpit. A Chicago native, Rev. Griffin began his Christian experience at an early age—rumor has it he started building his first church out of LEGO® blocks at the tender age of five. Although he didn't always believe it, this fifth generation preacher was destined to proclaim the Gospel. His vision for ministry is simple: to bridge the younger and older generations, provide hope to those in despair, and reveal to all that we truly serve a God of another chance.

To his Greater Grace family, Pastor Griffin is a loving and devoted undershepherd—who will do anything for his flock. He labors tiredlessly for the Kingdom and sets an example for his members, both young and seasoned. No matter what obstacles come his way, he remains dedicated to the assignment of leading God's people. His sermons and sermon series are rooted in the infallible word of God—a.k.a. no candy coated preaching for his pulpit. He truly is a man after God's own heart. But don't take our word for it. Come out and experience his ministry for yourself!

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